RJ Dias Jr Promo #5 - MWA TV Title

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RJ Dias Jr Promo #5 - MWA TV Title Empty RJ Dias Jr Promo #5 - MWA TV Title

Post by O Portuga on Tue May 19, 2015 8:08 pm

After the interview of Muscle Girl comes to an end, the entire arena have an instant blackout, and the titantron, start to show the entrance movie of the most powerfull moves of RJ's and old rocking chair is on the backstage with a spotlight. RJ's appears on the front of camera, with a surrouding fog.

Last week, our GM put us has a couple, and face Chupacabra and Kitty in a tag team match, which we won, because you, in your steroid mind think i will let you fight alone. Which i must say the truth, you deserve! So, the only person pinned you in past was Angel Lina? And you start crying about she become's a champion was a fluke? So let me telll you one thing about, i was on the same tournament as you, and i have the same faith as you, but i squash my opponnent at time, Masked Hooper, so the question here is simple... When the bell rings, you lose your super powers? You forgot you're Muscle Girl, and become a normal citizen who returns to society? Well, i think i discover your dirty little secret. To be a champion, you must stop taking steroids!

The crowd start to chant RJ's name very loud

We are tired of your trash talking every single week, looking at everyone who cross your path, and look for your distorced figure of beauty. You look like Hulk, but you don't get the casting for the Avengers! So, since someone puts an end on it, and if Angel Lina don't do her job, at that time. I will put you in pin position, win the match and become the new MWA TV Title Champion for the Second Time! And after that, i will put you in an Ambulance, and delivered you in a detoxication facility, and in a couple of years, you will ring my bell, and say "Thank You!"

The crowd chants for MWA

So tonight, is your last night as TV Champion, and the first of your new life. And if you think, you're the dominating persona at Madness Wrestling Alliance, you must stop reading "50 Shades of Grey" and start to clarify your goals in your life!

RJ's drops the mic and pick a bat and destroy the rocking chair
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