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Post by Guest on Sat May 23, 2015 12:57 am

The camera pans in to a dark alley room where Fione and a lady, which became their ally talking to one another.

Their Response Fione_10 Oh no! This is bad! After all this through, he going to fight again? I don't want to lose him

A lady suddenly slaps Fione in the face and grabs her while staring her in fury

Their Response Serena10 If you LOVE him, then you should at least have FAITH in him

Fione nods as she forces herself to calm down

Their Response Serena10 I transmuted him and I reformed him! I am confident that he is going to be fine!

Both ladies stare at Ravenous staring down, clutching his mannequin hands in stoic yet serious mood. Then suddenly a blonde lady stares at the camera.

Their Response Serena10 Now we get rid of the virus named Jeffrey and then there's JJ Hunter who he wants to get rid of him by sending his *ahem "trusted men" to do his dirty work. I warn you Mr. MWA Majority Owner, you should stop and reconsider this match at once. But if you insist on taking him down...

A lady looks again at Ravenous standing up as he gets closer to both ladies then Fione wraps his mannequin arm with her arms and leans it with fright as the lady laughs

Their Response Serena10 We will make sure that you have made a terrible mistake. WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE NIGHT AND THIS, JJ Hunter is your death's desire!

Ravenous stares at camera

Their Response Raveno13 Run.

The camera goes static as they show quick montages of creepy dolls then the screen went back.

(GIF which will add later on)


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