Forget about that, Here comes The GOAT

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Forget about that, Here comes The GOAT

Post by Kittie on Sun May 24, 2015 1:25 am

The scene is backstage with Sara Sanderson and Kittie.

Sara Sanderson:  Tonight we have a clash of styles as the Japensese Puroresu style of Kittie goes up against the Lucha Libre style of El Chupacabra.

Kittie:  So last week didn’t turn out to good.  That Muscle Girl, she’s like not even human.  But this is a new week and a chance to start over.  I’m going to face my partner from last week, El Chupacbra.  So lets think about what we know about El Chupacbra.

Sara Sanderson:  He is a masked man of mystery from south of the boarder.

Kittie:  Ah ha, but we DO know he is crazy.

Sara Sanderson:  Sure, he’s a little different.

Kittie:  And we do know he’s a fan of our music.

Sara Sanderson:  He did say he had all of your albums on cassette.

Kittie:  So that means he is a CRAZY FAN.  There is no telling WHAT he is going to do.  So I did what any reasonable musical superstar would do when they feel they may be threatened by a crazy fan.  I got a bodyguard!

Sara Sanderson:  A bodyguard?!?

Kittie:  Behold, my first line of defense!

A seven foot tall man walks into the scene dressed in a full body goat fursuit.

Kittie:  Mr. Goat!  If this El Chupacabra guy trying anything “fun”, then Mr. Goat is going to guard my body.  

Sara Sanderson:  Sure why not.  This isn’t even in the top ten weirdest things I’ve seen, I worked in Japanese wrestling to, you know.  Good luck with your match this week!

Kittie:  Thanks Sara, but I think I have something better than luck on my side.. I’ve got.. THE GOAT!


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