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Post by Angel~! on Sun May 24, 2015 9:25 pm

The Regie shows the Backstage Area of the AT&T Park, where one can see the Interviewer of Madness Wrestling Alliance Sara Sanderson. The charming former actress can be seen in full-screen and greets the audience with a friendly smile.

When dreams come true MWApics2SaraSanderson

When dreams come true Sara_a10Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this Time is the new World Champion of our Federation: Angel Lina!

When dreams come true Mwapic10

From the side Angel Lina enters into the picture. The young diva smiles on both cheeks and one can look her luck. She bears the MWA world title belt over her shoulder, waving smiling at the camera.

The interviewer turns to Angel Lina. The World Champion wears a beautiful white Tank Top, tight Blue Jeans and white Wrestling Boots.

When dreams come true Sara_a10Good evening Angel and congratulations. You did it and won the world title of MWA last week in Seattle. And so you are the first World champion of the Madness Wrestling Alliance. Honestly, would you have believed it when we talked for the first time in New York four weeks ago?

Angel Lina laughs involuntarily and her high voice cracks.

When dreams come true Angel_10Oh Sara no, who would have already believed that? I had myself even no great opportunities precisely. For me it was like a dream, and when I got the title last week handed over, I had to pinch myself, if all this is really true.

Sara Sanderson is infected by the good humor and joins in the laughter of Angellina.

When dreams come true Sara_a10You also really have all of us surprised. Especially the wild guys in this association. I guess some of these guys are now certainly envious.

Angel Lina looking directly into the camera and her broad smile is enchanting.

When dreams come true Angel_10Nah...I don´t hope so. After all, in my opinion everybody had the same opportunities, or not? I have not tricked somebody or used illegal things. I just tried to bring my best performance and that has brought me success.

When dreams come true Sara_a10Without a Doubt. And as you could see last week, many fans also were very happy about it. Did you get a lot of reactions of winning the title?

The World Champion opens his eyes and mouth.

When dreams come true Angel_10Oh Sara, that´s awesome, really madness. You can not imagine. I received so many messages on my Facebook and twitter account, as never before in my life. I didn´t get around to answering all. And that really surprised me the most. Whether in Chicago, Seattle or New York ... from anywhere Fans written to me that were at our shows and obviously I've really gained a lot of new fans. And as if that would be not enough I was able to win the Title last week versus Ravenous. This is when dreams comes true!

When dreams come true Sara_a10That's no wonder, you were indeed very smart in the Ring. Nevertheless the Race is still open. Even tonight you have to defend your newly won title against Magnus. Are you ready for this match?

After this issue, the Diva is a little more serious and she puts her title belt on the other shoulder.

When dreams come true Angel_10I have prepared myself well. But of course I have to be careful. Magnus is a very dangerous opponent, and one you should never underestimate. And I've heard that I´m on his List in order to defeat me. I hope that he will be fair.

The interviewer is skeptical.

When dreams come true Sara_a10You should not count on it. And would that be a disaster for you if you would lose the title tonight again?

Angel Lina smiles and stretches a strand of hair from her face.

When dreams come true Angel_10Well Sara ... the last few weeks have been so fantastic. When I started in the tournament, I was one of the biggest Underdogs. Perhaps I have also benefited that some of my opponents have underestimated me. For example Muscle Girl, she's now TV Champion. This shows just how strong she is, and she could not indeed believe that she was inferior to me. Ultimately, I'll be here and always have a small handicap against the men, because they are stronger. I just try to compensate this with my technique and speed. But should I lose the title tonight actually, then the world will not go down for me.

The Interviewer hooks to that.

When dreams come true Sara_a10So you were not disappointed?
When dreams come true Angel_10Of course, I would be disappointed. Nobody likes to lose the title, he has just won a week ago. But I would be able to deal with it. And I would attack again in the new season. Magnus has indeed pronounced his threat. And I'll try to give him the right answer in the ring. Everything else remains to be seen.

Now the interviewer turns back to the audience.

When dreams come true Sara_a10We are looking forward to this match! Angel Lina against Magnus for the world title of MWA tonight! Thank you for your attention dear viewers and I give back to my colleagues on the ring.

The Commentators come into the picture.

When dreams come true Justin10And as we look at our enchanting world champion Angel Lina. What an honor to have her here. Her performance in recent weeks was truly fantastic.

When dreams come true Garret10She was lucky! And this not too little Justin. When I think of the match against the Masked Hopper, as she should have been eliminated from the tournament.

When dreams come true Justin10But she wasn´t eliminated. Instead, she won the tournament!

When dreams come true Garret10And I just can not understand this. Angel Lina is still totally boring.

When dreams come true Justin10For you maybe. But she has a lot of fans. Think only once to the fantastic mood and atmosphere last week in Seattle.

When dreams come true Garret10Oh please. There she had only begged pity and that´s why the people have re-erected her.

When dreams come true Justin10That is your opinion Garret. I am pleased about each of her performances and I want to see her defending the Title against Magnus.

When dreams come true Garret10Not me! And Magnus is already extremely focused on this match. Tonight the triumph of Angel Lina ends. You'll see.

When dreams come true Justin10I don´t hope so. But yes, we´ll see later in the ring.

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