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Ravenous (new character) Wrestl13

Name: Ravenous

Alignment: Tweener

Hometown: Abandoned Asylum

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 220 lbs.


A short black hair person with part of left torso stitched with doll cloth ,left arm armed with mannequin arm part and right hand with puppet hand. Half of the body is full of self-mutilating scars and chest pricked with large curve shaped burn marks.His face covers in two ways; the left part covers with doll cloth and button eyes and the other has few slash marks with his right eye painted or marked with shadow black eye. He wears a black wresting pants with boots.

Gimmick/Short Bio:

Previously, he was a discorded and insane wrestler with obsession of self-mutilation, hearing and hallucinating the dystopian world and beliefs of hopelessness and sadness. Transformed and justified by Fione hid herself as great ventriloquist and puppet maker and having a wish of easing Ravenous's pain. He became stoic and less frequently depressed due his terrible past and now he has a task for himself to show his terrible pain to others as sometimes became obsessed with his pain alone. As Fione's creation, he portrayed and resembled himself as a doll, mannequin and puppet.

Extended Bio:

Origin of Ravenous:

He lived in the normal and peaceful life with his family who loved him preciously until he witnessed a tragic and horrifying event. At the age of 8, he hid himself from their family closet and watched his parents and her sister being murdered by four unknown thugs while they doing robbery. After their funeral, he was been taken care by his strict uncle and aunt who didn't treated equally especially their cousins. Since then he lived his life in despair, grief and misery due to the lack of their love and mistreatment by their children then he rebelled and ran away from their home at the age of 16. Since then, his life grew hard contributing the loss of his family, the mistreatment of their relatives and the struggle for his survival. Later then he was been beaten by the same thugs who killed their family almost killing him but miraculously, he was been saved by an unknown person and Fione herself stating that he was not human anymore for his gem attached to his body saved his life. He was trained being a professional fighter and mercenary together with Fione until the unknown person is no longer with them. Still he has depression and hallucination of all the dystopian imagery including a human figure on the mirror who named Jeffrey. Later when he encountered the thugs attempting to kill him, it was no surprise that his hallucination and madness leads him to murder them and to kill the rest of their group-mates with his assistance of Fione to end his long-day hallucination. However this could not end it as Jeffrey, the figment of his hallucination told him to fight more and thus making his step to MWA.

Entrance Music:

  • "Abandoned Mines" by Michiru Yamane (April 24, 2015 - May 25, 2015)

  • "Here in the Black" by Gary Numan (May 25, 2015 - present)


Ravenous (new character) 3oEduLbfJuLWco6Qqk

Description of Entrance:

Here in the Black by Gary Numan plays in the PA system
smoke scatters and spread onto the ramp and into the ring
Ravenous suddenly come out in the entrance as spotlight when on
followed by Fione and Serena holding a steel chair
wearing a black wrestling tight pants dressed as half doll/mannequin
Ravenous makes his way to the ring


  • Dark Imagery (Forward Russian Leg Sweep; Direct Damage Maneuver)

    Ravenous waits the stunned opponent for his finisher 
    grabs the arms of the opponent and head and slams it to the mat executing __________ Dark Imagery

  • Dystopian Effect (Springboard Tornado floated into Fujiwara Armbar; Submission Manuever)

    Ravenous waits the groggy opponent 
    grabs the arms of the opponent, jumps to the turnbuckle, spins then lands with the opponent executing _______ Dysotopian Effect


Single Trademark Moves:

  • Mannequin Blow (Spinning Backfist)

    Ravenous lifts his running opponent by grabbing his arm
    and throws him down by performing an _________ Mannequin Blow  

  • Paradise Lost (Uranage)

    Ravenous grabs his opponent by the neck
    to catapult him behind with a __________ Paradise Lost

  • Needle Driver (Cradle Piledriver)

    Ravenous grabs his opponent under his legs
    and drops him head first to connect with a _________ Needle Driver


Ravenous goes to the corner as he points both of his hand. He sways in erratic movements as he prepares executing Autonomatophobian Shock

Ravenous gets up like a marionette and stand as his head lean on his back then his head rises up executing a Mannequin's Way

*This taunt can be used for the following only:

  • As a replacement for following words:

    • Ravenous is forced to get up
    • INCREDIBLE!!! Ravenous a breaks the count by pulling the referee shirt!!

  • During "Ravenous is lying on the mat" count
  • As an interruption of the opponent's taunt


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