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Post by Muscle Girl on Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:37 pm

Name: Muscle Girl

Alignment: Heel

Hometown: The Local Gym

Height: 6 foot 0

Weight: 300+ Pounds of rock hard muscle

Attire: Black bikini, the only clothing she ever wears. She also has tan skin.

Gimmick/Short Bio: Muscle Goddess who loves to show off her huge rock hard veiny muscles. Also she is a bully.

Extended Bio: Muscle Girls parents were champion bodybuilders. Growing up she wanted to become a bodybuilder like her parents. She first started lifting weights at age 5. By age 10 she had as much muscles as pro bodybuilders but she wanted to be bigger so she kept working out. At age 13 Muscle Girl wanted to participate in her first bodybuilding competition but she wasn't allowed to enter because she was too big. Now at age 21 she is the strongest person in the world and is getting bigger and stronger everyday.

Entrance music: Something that makes you want to work out

Finishers: Muscle Girl picks up the opponent and squeezes them until they are almost passed out
Muscle Girl then slams the opponent to the ground with force executing Muscle Squeeze

Trademark: Coming Soon

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