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Post by Guest on Sun Jun 14, 2015 3:59 am

The camera pans into the arena. Suddenly a blackout occurs as "Here in the Black" by Gary Numan plays in the PA system as the tron fills with creepy dolls montages

The Initiation 3oEduLbfJuLWco6Qqk

Ravenous and the lady suddenly appears in the entrance as the spotlight highlights on the pair.

The Initiation Wrestl13 The Initiation Wrestl11

They walked out as the lady holds an used chair 

The Initiation Justin10 Ladies and Gentlemen, we have seen both of them on the last show. We see Ravenous dominate both Soul Eater and Rex Rapier better known as Ravenous Revenge Squad.

The Initiation Garret10 Here's the clip to show what happened at the end of the match

The Initiation Tron_r10

Fione and a lady holding a steel chair enters the ring. They stare at Ravenous as they point to Soul Eater then they start their assault.

The Initiation Justin10 They started attacking Soul Eater showing no mercy even if the match ended.

Lady hits his opponent with the steel chair multiple times as Soul Eater start to writhes with the pain. Few moments later, a lady grabs Soul and throws it towards Fione

Fione waits Soul Eater towards her
and kicks him on his head sideways executing 
Mortal The Disgrace Kick
Fione lunges stunned Jeffrey towards Ravenous
Ravenous waits the stunned opponent for his finisher
grabs the arms of Soul Eater and head with his grim smile and slams it to the mat executing 
HardCore Dark Imagery 

Suddenly Rex Rapier grabs Fione as his hostage for his safety

The Initiation Garret10 Now this get interesting, Rex Rapier trying to escape by making Fione as a hostage

Lady signals Ravenous as she goes to behind Rex Rapier for an ambush, Ravenous charges as Rex Rapier threatens him to harm Fione but the lady successfully ambush Rex from behind by hitting him with a steel chair as Fione is freed from him. Lady signals them for a final attack.

The Initiation Justin10 Lastly they have unleashed their final attack on Rex Rapier

Ravenous and Fione grabs both arms of Rex Rapier and his head
Lady prepares a steel chair in front of Rex Rapier then both of them sweeps both of his legs and slam as the lady smashes him to the face from below making it slam to the steel chair from below executing Heroic Nightmare Imagery


The Initiation Tron_r11

The lady grins at the end as she grabs the microphone while Ravenous standing in the ring.

The Initiation Serena10 This is what happen if you mess with me and my allies trying to prevail over us. 

The lady pauses as she look at Ravenous

The Initiation Serena10 You see I came here because I see the mess of what my brother made who won't be named Jeffrey.

The crowd disgust as they hear Jeffrey's name

The Initiation Serena10 Yup, he's my brother. We disagree most of the times but hey we're siblings. Oh, yeah right! I never don't know yet who I am and why are we here now. Okay, ladies and gentlemen! My name is SERENA and I came from the royal family from the distant land. And we're here in to introduce ourselves as our new faction. But before that, there's one thing missing........ Initiation.

Serena grabs a handcuff on her pocket as she gives it to Ravenous

The Initiation Serena10 Now, Ravenous. I know you don't like this initiative but trust me, I know what I'm doing. Put this on and listen to me. 
Ravenous puts the handcuffs on as he listens to Serena

The Initiation Serena10 Your initiative, if you wish to accept it is to survive numerous blow from my steel chair, the same steel chair I used on the likes of Soul Eater and Rex Rapier as you were equipped with these handcuffs. If you survive these ordeal then you are accepted as a household member, however; if you quit this initiative then I guess we'll see about that IN THE END.

Serena stares seriously on Ravenous as he accepts 

The Initiation Serena10 Okay that settles it, be prepared.

Serena prepares a steel chair
and hits
Ravenous on the forehead executing a Fantastic chair shot
Serena prepares a steel chair
and hits Ravenous on the skull executing a Fantastic chair shot
Serena prepares a steel chair
and hits Ravenous on the back executing a Fantastic chair shot

The Initiation Justin10 What the heck is that for?!

The Initiation Garret10 Is this the initiative?!

The Initiation Serena10 Get up you fool! GET UP!

Serena prepares a steel chair
and hits Ravenous on the midsection executing a Fantastic chair shot
Serena prepares a steel chair
and hits Ravenous on the back executing a Fantastic chair shot
Serena prepares a steel chair
and hits Ravenous on the back executing a Fantastic chair shot

The Initiation Justin10 How sadistic Serena is!?

The Initiation Garret10 Well she was Jeffrey's sister.

The Initiation Serena10 This is what you got?! You pathetic weakling!!

Serena prepares a steel chair
and hits Ravenous on the back executing a Fantastic chair shot
Serena prepares a steel chair
and hits Ravenous on the midsection executing a Fantastic chair shot
Serena prepares a steel chair
and hits Ravenous on the skull executing a Fantastic chair shot
Ravenous is lying on the mat!!!

The Initiation Justin10 Looks like it's over!

The Initiation Garret10 Well Ravenous didn't survived after all

Ravenous gets up like a marionette and stand as his head lean on his back then his head rises up executing a Mannequin's Way

The Initiation Justin10 What the?! D-did you see that?!

The Initiation Garret10 I know! And I'm not blind you know!

Ravenous gets up as he is in good condition and breaks the chains from the handcuff using his knee

The Initiation Garret10 I don't believe it, he breaks the chains from the handcuffs

The Initiation Justin10 I think he successfully pass the initiation 

Serena smiles as she puts down her steel chair. She grabs a wine from the steel steps and she drinks it. Ravenous kneels down as she holds Ravenous forehead and pours all of her leftover wine on it.

The Initiation Justin10 It is!

 The Initiation Garret10 This is getting interesting!

The Initiation Serena10 Behold the new member of the household, Ravenous!

The crowd cheer about her announcement

The Initiation Serena10  As for Fione, she has a different initiation. As a what matter of fact, we did the initiation a while ago before the we enter the ring. Now, as for tonight as you all aware. Ravenous will team up Chris Darrell, a new addition to the roster as we face Muscle Girl and your current half of the MWA Tag Team Champion, Eclipse Wolf. 

Serena pauses as she looks again at Ravenous

The Initiation Serena10  Here the message for Muscle Girl, the so called "Goddess of Muscle." Tonight, win or lose. Me and Ravenous are going to expose you what you really are. You may call yourself a goddess but you are nothing but Achilles who is incomplete for perfection. You hold the TV Championship but that doesn't prove anything of your worth. You always try to intimidate us but you're nothing but a dead carcass to us!

The crowd cheer for her statement

The Initiation Serena10  As for Eclipse Wolf, you may be part of Wolf Pack as MWA Tag Team Champions but just like Muscle Girl, it didn't prove anything of your worth. Try to mess with us and you will see the consequences as we're going to do same as Rex Rapier and Soul Eater!   

Serena laughs as she looks at the camera

The Initiation Serena10  And as for the new addition, Chris Darrell. Amaze us and do not try to make foolish mistakes this time if you don't want to go the same fate with Rex Rapier and Soul Eater.

Serena raises her steel chair

The Initiation Serena10 This chair is the same chair I used on Rex Rapier. It stained with his blood as I didn't wash it out, you will know happen to you if you mess with us. I DARE YOU, Muscle Girl, Eclipse Wolf, Chris Darrell and others in the backstage or in the locker room to try to mess with us at the end and later....

Serena hands over the microphone to Ravenous

The Initiation Raveno10 You will know your death's desire.

Ravenous drops the microphone as entrance theme plays in the PA system. It is "Birds of Hell Awaiting" by Marilyn Manson.

The Initiation Justin10 Ladies and gentlemen, the initiation and the message for their opponents and his tag team partner?!

The Initiation Garret10 Well they're trying to make sure that the newcomer will win their match for team


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