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Post by Muscle Girl on Mon Jun 15, 2015 2:58 pm

*Muscle Girl is standing backstage lifting weights*

Muscle Girl: 9998, 9999, 10,000...

*Muscle Girl puts down the weights*

Muscle Girl: Tonight I am in a Tag Team Match with my partner Eclipse Mints, I mean Wolf. Wolf just don't get in my way because I will destroy our opponents all by myself. I don't care if you are one half of the Tag team Champions I don't need your help. Now as for our opponents I don't know who they are but they are weird freaks who will be destroyed by me. And the other guy Chris something, he will be destroyed too.

*Muscle Girl takes her title off her waist and puts it down*

Muscle Girl: I am the TV Champion. I am the most dominating beast who has ever wrestled. People don't want to admit it because I am a girl. Guys are embarrassed to say that a girl kicked there arse but its true, I am a monster who is getting bigger and stronger every day. You think I get scared, I have never gotten scared in my life. As for Angel Loser, I have not forgotten about you, your World Title will be mine. I will destroy you.

*Muscle Girl picks up a 500 pound weight and lifts it in the air like it weights nothing*

Muscle Girl: Look how strong I am. I am stronger than anyone here. I have no weakness. I will destroy everyone here and take my place at the top as ruler of this company and no one can stop me because I am the Goddess of Muscle, Muscle Girl.

*Muscle Girl throws the 500 pound weight across the backstage area*

Muscle Girl: Look how far it went. I am so strong that Its scary. You should fear my strength. Now I have to get ready for a pointless Tag Team Match. Out of my way.

*Muscle Girl pushes the cameraman as she is walking off to her locker room*
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