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Post by Saberwolf on Sat Jun 20, 2015 8:00 am

The Hunt is on In_the12

Camera pans to the Wolf Legion locker room where Saber Wolf and Eclipse Wolf are seen sitting in complete silence

The Hunt is on Wrestl28
The Hunt is on Wrestl27

Suddenly Saber Wolf stands up

The Hunt is on Saber_10 It has been 5 years since you found me again brother, and in those 5 years that we've fought side by side against impossible odds, and when the smoke settled after every battle we were victories time and time again and we even captured the Tag Titles and also defended them twice successfully, we bled together in the ring, we have come a long way.

Eclipse wolf lifts his head up surprised at what he's hearing

The Hunt is on Eclips10 What are you trying to say brother?

A wide grin appears on Saber Wolfs face

The Hunt is on Saber_10 What I'm trying to say little brother, that you have proven yourself to me, because I was doubting your strength and resolve from the beginning and I told you that you'll have to prove yourself to me before you could fully earn my respect and trust as a Tag partner, even thought are blood ties are strong we as the predators have to prove our worth first.

Eclipse wolf also stands up

The Hunt is on Eclips10 You know I've been trying to prove myself time and time again to you, and it makes me happy to know that you finally see me as an equal to you as a predator and as a brother.

Eclipse wolf extends his hand to Saber Wolf, Saber Wolf smiles and shakes his hand and pulls Eclipse Wolf in for a brotherly hug and lets go while tapping on his shoulder

The Hunt is on Saber_10Remember brother we are more than mindless savage beasts even if the rest views us as such, we are honorable warriors, as long as we as the Alpha's of MWA are on top we honor our house and our family name that's the only thing that counts, so you make sure if can't uphold the honor of our pack that you will in my place. And if somehow we don't make it, then that means that we as warriors and wolves need to become more disciplined and hone our strengthens and eliminate our weaknesses.

Saber Wolf walks out of the locker room leaving his Eclipse Wolf standing in the locker room with a serious expression on his face

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