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Post by Magnus the younger on Fri Apr 17, 2015 9:45 pm

Name: Magnus (the younger)

Alignment: heel with and a win at all cost attitude

Hometown: Knossos on the island Crete

Height :6 feet 6 inches

Weight:289 lbs.

Attire: a black hoodie with the "Ludus Magnus" logo underneath all black ring attire, face and hands black masked so no emotion can be detected during a match
Gimmick/bio : Magnus has trained at his grandfathers training school "Ludus Magnus" as did his father before him and has set out to make his mark. He has trained nearly every style of fighting and is a well balanced wrestler up for any type of match. He is a warrior that is destined to conquer all enemies, after wining all the martial arts competitions in his native Greece he has come to MWA to win more glory and gold

Entrance Music :Warrior Disturbed

Finisher :Magnus Lifts the [nome] on his shoulders
and slams him on the mat then locks [nome]s legs in a sharp shooter executing Excellence of Execution

Magnus firmly grapples his opponent's leg
and twists it a bit, before slamming it on the mat, performing a  violent [nome] got Crushed

Magnus puts the adversary's head between the legs to grab him
to grab his belt performing a  Fantastic Hell Driver !!

Entrance Music :Warrior Disturbed

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Magnus the younger
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