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Post by Angel~! on Sun Apr 19, 2015 2:36 am

Name: Angelina Foster

Alignment: Face

Hometown: Tokio, Japan

Height: 5 foot 7

Weight: unknown

Attire: Attractive blond Diva with technical and highflying Moves

Gimmick/Short Bio: Angel is a pure Face female Character, who cannot harm others with bad Words. She can fight tough, she is directly and honest, and expects Fairplay. But often she is too naive, to see a Danger coming, and she has Problems to recognize who is Friend and Foe.

Extended Bio: "Angel Lina" , her true name is Angelina Foster, is a diva in second generation. Already her father was a wrestler crowned with success and assets in the entire world. Having lived in Nottingham, in England, the young person Graham Foster received a lot of offer of contracts in many Federation of Wrestling in the eighties. His wife Katie suffered all these continuous moves and trips all over the world. Even if it was Graham's error, she took all into account for him. While he made his first Steps into a big Wrestling Promotion in North-America, Angelina then was born. During several years, the Foster family lived a grandiose happiness. Graham was a gifted wrestler, he succeeded in combining Technique, Power and Elegance. But unfortunately, at the beginning of the 9O´s, he had a wound which made him leave the ring during some time.

Therefore, he didn´t used the time when he was inactive to be to there for his family, but he fell quickly in the alcohol.
Even today, Angelina still remembers the screams of her mother, when he transformed his frustration into power.
After his healing, the father of Angelina attracted a come-back in the Ring. However he failed, mainly because he couldn't abandon the alcohol any more.
The representatives of the Federation discovered his problem of alcohol which didn't remain hidden. And so he lost his contract.
Now, the worst period of the life of Angelina began when crises of his father were more and more repeated.
One evening, Katie prepared thelittle Girl Angelina and they left the home in panic because Graham had a crisis once again. And so, the misfortune of Angel Lina was only beginning...

The escape of both women took the sudden end, because some kilometer later Katie lost the control of her vehicle at the exit of Highway and caused a terrible accident. Angelina waked up in a hospital without knowing really what had taken place. Her father was naturally at her side, but he were not able to explain to his daughter what happened. Graham was a broken man and for this night he couldn't forgive himself to have caused involuntarily the death of his wife.
Angelina closed up completely and didn't speak no more with her father. This one changed radically the life of Graham, but all that he could make, was Wrestling and so he tried to find a contract. By an old friend, he could join a Wrestling Promotion in Japan.

A new chapter was brewing for Angel Lina. But the move to Japan was first hard because she didn't succeed in opening and in accepting her new life. Her father tried hard to get closer to his daughter, but between the two, there was another barrier which couldn't be opened.
But Graham recovered little by little his previous performance and it contributed to regain to the respect for himself. His kind and considerate behavior allowed to Angelina to come alive again. And even Graham were no more able to perform in live Shows later, he find a Job as Coach in a Dojo. There Angel met a Japanese Boy, who helped her a lot. At least she began being interested in Japanese culture, as she made her first steps in Wrestling to impress her new friend. She showed a lot of Talent, and she understand where it´s from. She could finally forgive her Father, and on this day she saw him cry for the first time, since the tragical Day in the Hospital.

It doesn´t took long and she made her first steps in professional Wrestling, as she joined the famous Online Wrestling League in Germany, where she became the first Catfight-Championess of this Federation. After a few Seasons she joined a Federation in France, Ultimate Fight Titanic, where she were able to win the Tag Team Titles together with her Partner Tim Joop.

Entrance music: Believe in Angels by Angel Faith

Finishers: Falling Tear / standard TWG Finisher Description

Trademark: Heavenly Cloud / standard TWG Leg Drop Description

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