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Post by Souleater on Tue Apr 28, 2015 2:07 am

Name: Soul Eater

Alignment: Neutral

Hometown: Las Vegas

Height: 6"2'

Weight: 220

Attire/Appearance:  His features is obscured by his attire which consist of a flak jacket, with a cross superimposed on a sword and staff.  Black cargo pants and matching boots.  A half mask that over up the lower half of his face.  Covering up the remainder of his face, is a hood that causes a overcast on his face, that is beneath the flak jacket.  A large overcoat, which goes to his shins is worn over is clothing.  His hands are wrapped up in white bandages.

Gimmick/Short Bio: A solitary fighter, who wanders from place to place seeking out worthy opponents to test his skills on.  There is no things such as emotions to him, because the world to him is based solely on the basic principle in the Code.

Extended Bio:  The code.  That is all that he has known growing up.  There is no justice, mercy, or peace.  There is no emotions.  The only thing that exist is the code.  The code which consist of four basic tenants guide his action and action.  He was born to a working class family, who prided themselves on the ability to never ask for help, never surrender, and that never quit.  What he remembers of his childhood is froth with sorrow and despair, as he was sold to an unknown organization to pay off his families debt.  The organization gave him the best education and best opportunities to survive in this world, where he excelled and started to understand what true power was and what it meant to obtain it.

As got older, he started to develop his information gathering style and become more tactical sound.  The organization began training him on how to fight, how to infiltrate and how to systematically destroy his opponents without unnecessary thought.  He was then introduce to the code, in which he was to live his life.  The code was only in words.  It was up to him to decided the tenants in which he would live by the code.  Thus, the four basic tenants of the Soul Eater code was borne.  With the code, he saw the world as only gray.  Thus, beginning his descent into learning everything he can to correct anything that interfered with the code.

Time progressed and he mastered all that the organization taught him and established a information network that allowed him to control what was deemed as necessary.  Prior to leaving, he succeed in a numerous missions in which was deemed impossible.  Leaving a mark on the organization and the world, giving him the designation of "Soul Eater." Now a new chapter begins and what is to become of anything and anybody that crosses his path remains to be seen.  Approached by a scout from the Mad Wrestling Alliance, Soul Eater glazed the the invitation, smirking underneath his hood, he gathered up his gear and equipment and began his journey to enter the MWA.

Entrance music: Worlds Collide - Apocalyptica

Finishers: Soul Destroyer
             Demons Gate

Trademark:  Modified Pepsi Twist
                 Modified Samoan Drop

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Post by Jack-Night on Fri May 01, 2015 4:20 am

I like..


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