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Post by El Chupacabra on Wed May 06, 2015 2:12 am

El Chupacabra Chupa

Name: El Chupacabra

Alignment: Tweener/Heel

Hometown: The Outskirts of Tijuana, Mexico

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 255lbs.

Attire: A monstrous luchadore in a scaly lime green bodysuit stands before you, his fanged mask the same color, both offset by a blood red stitching and detailing. The scales seem to be made of vinyl and are an impressive sight in and of themselves. His forearms and shins are protected by guards built into furry green sleeves, which end in clawed gloves and leather boots.

Bio: A rambunctious monster with a love for Mexican candy, mischief and goats. A comedy jobber for most of his career, his hybrid style has been constantly honed through tours in the States, Canada, Japan and England. Popular with kids and hipsters.

In-Ring Style: Classic rudo mixed with a little tokusatsu-style puro. Very much influenced by El Generico, La Parka and Jushin Liger. Go-to moves are Lots of Stomps, Eye Rakes and Mongolian Chops. Signatures include Double-underhook backbreaker, Tigerbomb, Leg Drop to the back of the Head, Double-underhook suplex, Pop-up neckbreaker, discus lariat and a pinning Electric Chair Suplex.
Entrance music:

Finishers: Chupa Chups Driver (Sit-out Wheelbarrow Powerbomb) and Bloodsucker (Running Double Palm Strike)

Trademark: Chiclet Cutter (Two-Handed Facebuster), Bloody Bite (Hard headbutt) and the Sonoran Drop (Samoan Drop)
El Chupacabra
El Chupacabra

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