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Post by Muscle Girl on Mon May 11, 2015 11:15 pm

* Muscle Girl is backstage wearing a tight mini dress over a bikini and her trademark shoes showing off the title*

Muscle Girl: No one wanted me to win last week and when I didn't win they were happy, but, I didn't get pinned, so I might not have won the match, but I didn't lose the match either. So I demanded I had a title match against the new champi... I can't even call him a champ. He is not even a paper champion that's how much he sucks, and I won the match and the title, with ease. In fairy tail land the good guy always wins but in reality the good guys don't always win. Sometimes the bad guy or in my case girl wins.

*Muscle Girls dress starts to rip as she flexes her muscles*

Muscle Girl: The 2,000 dollar dress I bought is ripping. Never mind I don't even like clothes. Wearing clothes hides my muscles. I love my muscles and showing them off. That is why 95% of the time I am wearing a bikini. I even went to my grandfathers funeral in a bikini.

*Muscle Girl rips the dress off completely*

Muscle Girl: Now that I am champion let me make myself clear, I make the rules now. People will listen to me and do as I say. I am going to be champ for a very long time and no one can stop me because if you try I will put you in hospital. I love to destroy people, I love when a guy with huge muscles challenges me to a test of strength and I kick their ass. I laugh at people who are smaller and weaker than me. I hate it when people call me names like weirdo, freak, ugly, man, I was born a girl my real name is... never mind. I hate it when people say I take steroids, I don't take steroids only protein powder and working out. I don't even drink or smoke. My body is a temple. Whenever you see me you should worship me. I am beautiful and pretty...

*The cameraman gives a weird look to Muscle Girl*

Muscle Girl: Hey cameraman why are you giving me a weird look. Look at me when I am talking. Well I am done talking so...

*Muscle Girl picks up the cameraman over her head and throws him off a balcony into a pile of boxes*

Muscle Girl: No one gives me a weird look. Now I am off to my locker room.

*Muscle Girl skips to her locker room with a smile as doctors rush to the aid of the cameraman*
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