New lady has arrived (optional rp)

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New lady has arrived (optional rp)

Post by Guest on Tue May 12, 2015 1:17 pm

The camera pans in as a blonde woman wearing black gothic dress walking around in the backstage.

Now she stops for a moment and grabs two pieces of paper in her pocket which turn out to be a wrestler profile of Ravenous and Fione

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! They should've gone asking me about this.

She makes an attention to an anonymous employee passing on her

You! A guy in the cap!

Employee: Me?

Yeah! Do you know these idiots went to?

She shows the profile as the person begins to respond

Employee: Oh! Ravenous and Fione! They went to the arena a while ago preparing for the match and the winner takes the world title championship.

World Title Championship, eh?

Employee: Their room is go that way.

Thank you. Here!

She throws a golden coin to the employee as she goes on her way to their room. At the time she arrived to Ravenous room, she enters the room and she found the room empty except for the fact that the place untidy, full of schizophrenic writings, dried blood strains and other junk scatters in the floor. Upon seeing this, she is not amazed.

*sigh Ravenous, you little sad sack. Fione didn't treat you well, look likes I going to train her again for this.

She unravels a doll and falls it to the ground as a smoke appears from that spot. From that smoke, a moving doll starts to bow down to the girl as it responded politely.

Doll: What is your command, mistress?

Look for Ravenous and Fione inconspicuously and scout their match! I want to see how this is going to happen.

Doll: As you wish, mistress.

Suddenly the doll fades as she remains here in the room.

Ravenous. Soon you will deserve better than being a tormented wrestler.

She unravels the second doll as she casts her evil smile then camera fades to black.


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