Magnus discusses his defeat and plans for the masked one

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Magnus discusses his defeat and plans for the masked one Empty Magnus discusses his defeat and plans for the masked one

Post by Magnus the younger on Thu May 14, 2015 12:49 am

camera opens to Garret Rodgers and Magnus standing backstage

Garret Rodgers: Magnus you had your first defeat and then you attacked your opponent Ravenous with  a steel chair.

Garret holds a severely  mangled chair up to the camera

Garret Rodgers: This wasn't one or two shots after a close match this was a nearly career ending sadistic beating. I gotta ask this, sore loser much?

Magnus takes the mangled chair from Garret and hits him over the head with it knocking Garret unconscious then drops the chair and picks up Garret's mic  looks down at a bleeding unconscious Garret

Magnus: Next time ask why if you must, but never make assumptions about me again!

Magnus smiles facing the camera

Magnus: Ravenous! Can you hear me? or are you still curled up in a ball whimpering? I told you I would bring you all the pain you could handle and then some more!

Magnus bends down picks up the chair holds it in front of the camera

Magnus: looks like I kept my word. So you got a good shot in and won the match I hope you do well in your next round. I will be looking forward to seeing you lose that belt to me after I am finished with this masked man.

Magnus pauses strokes his chin thoughtfully then speaks

Magnus: Masked Hopper... I don't even know what that is, all I know is there is now an added obstacle in my path to the Heavy Weight Championship and obstacles are made to be destroyed. I can admire a warrior but a man that wears a mask is no warrior, you hide your identity and say you fight for justice? What nonsense! Maybe I can help with your fear by removing your mask after I have pinned you. I can promise you this your entire world is about to become a battlefield tonight
Magnus leans in close to the camera
You have been warned!

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