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The camera pans in the arena with a man wearing a black suit holding a black book.

Unsatisfaction Justin10 Welcome back folks, looks like that person is about to speak

Unsatisfaction Garret10 Who the hell is he and what's his business here?

???: My name is Jeffrey. I'm the one who pressured Ravenous to do enormous and highest goals that no human has ever achieved.

Unsatisfaction Wrestl15

Jeffrey continues to talk as he reveal his pride

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 I'm here because as you all know that he advanced to the finals for the world championship, and with that my reputation and fame will be increase and I'm going to be remember as the dominance here in MWA, NOT RAVENOUS BUT ME.

Jeffrey laughs as the crowd disgust by his statement.

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 However, one thing that I don't agree is that Ravenous-

Suddenly his speech interrupt by a blackout and a music from the PA system which is Abandoned Mines by Michuru Yamane. Then Ravenous and Fione shows up in the entrance

Unsatisfaction Wrestl11 Unsatisfaction Wrestl10

Unsatisfaction Garret10 Looks like that guy is in trouble alright!

Unsatisfaction Justin10 This is interesting!

They stand in the ramp to keep distance from Jeffrey as Fione begins to talk with anger.

Unsatisfaction Fione_11 YOU!? You did this to him?! Do you know how much sadness he feels because of his past that you've mentioned on him? Do you know how much scars he etched because of his deep depression you've caused? And the most of all, do you know how pain he had experienced because of your oppression on him? HOW CAN I FORGIVE SOMEONE LIKE YOU FOR THIS?!

The crowd appealed by Fione anger as they cheer and root for Fione

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 Settle down, you're just a maid for Ravenous. Unless of course you have feelings for him

Unsatisfaction Fione_11 NO, I DID NOT! YOU-

Suddenly Ravenous signals Fione to stop responding and her anger is about to cool down as she worries about him.

Unsatisfaction Raveno12 Jeffrey, I've won three matches only for you. First, I've defeated Fire that you've ask to; then I advanced to semi-finals by defeating Rex Rapier which it is rumored that he's proved to be dangerous and finally I've defeated Magnus and advanced for the finals. Now I'm going to face Angel Lina with some odds that I can beat her for the world title. What you could have want more than that?

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 Thank you for mentioning your match history, Mr. "Sad Sherlock". But in case you don't know after your match with Magnus, he hit you with a steel chair. Not once, not twice and BUT THRICE!

Unsatisfaction Raveno12 But what it does have to do with-

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 SHUT UP! I'M NOT DONE! You have committed four mistakes this far! All I want is two things, domination and perfection and YOU FAILED BOTH OF THEM! In case that you didn't know here some mistakes that you've done. First right now, you interrupted me twice. First my speech then this, who you think you are when you're interrupting me. Just because you have your strength of a typical wrestler doesn't mean I'm weak! Punishment time!

Ravenous begins to hold his head and fall as he desperate to ease his pain. In response, Fione's worries began to grow.

Unsatisfaction Garret10 What's happening?

Unsatisfaction Justin10 I think he's got a little headache!

Unsatisfaction Garret10 Could this done by.... Jeffrey?!

Unsatisfaction Justin10 What?!

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 YOU LIKE THAT?! Time for the second one. JJ Hunter, the one who hired you disapproves and denies you for being a future champion. You know if it wasn't for in fact you have shown your weaker side, he will picture you to be the essence of dominance.

Ravenous's pangs begin to grow intense as the crowd join Fione to sympathize and worry the tormented wrestler at the some time.

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 THIRD! You revealed yourself that you love pain so much. THAT is a trait of a LOSER! WINNERS DON'T LIKE PAIN, HE DISGUST PAIN AND KILLS IT!

As the tormented wrestler pales and writhes at the same time, Fione tries to lower his pain by hugging him.

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 Finally, the fourth one. I've mentioned that after your match with Magnus, he attacked you with that chair THREE TIMES! Three times and yet you didn't fight back! AND ALL. BECAUSE. I. SAID. THAT. YOU. LIKE. PAIN.

Suddenly he experiences extreme pain as Fione hugs him tighter until in few seconds his pain stop as Ravenous calms down and Fione reliefs in response.

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 Therefore, I want to give this announcement to all of you especially you, Ravenous. In order to this never happen again, I'm going to give you a match that not only you fight for the title, not only you fight for my satisfaction but YOUR LIFE!

Fione and the crowd puzzle in his last phrase with confusion.

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 THAT'S RIGHT! Lose the world title match and on next week in Domination PPV, all people here including your precious little girl, Fione will witness your public execution.

Unsatisfaction Fione_11 Public execution? What kind of stupid metaphor is that?

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 Oh, you think I say it metaphorically? Well I'll show what I mean!

Numerous of black dressed men show up and surround both Ravenous and Fione as they capture Ravenous

Unsatisfaction Fione_11 ENOUGH, JEFFREY! Are you out of your mind? He didn't do anything against you!

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 Well let's just say that his crimes involving killing 30 men in your thug war leaving 17 wives in their children lived without their fathers and all because of you!

Unsatisfaction Fione_11 NO! DON'T DO THIS! I helped him in the thug war so TAKE ME INSTEAD!

Unsatisfaction Jeffre10 NO! All charges went to Ravenous! You are lucky that they never charged you instead so lose this match and next week you will join your family in the afterlife. And also you think that when you win that match and your life is safe. Once you win and hold that title, that title will be your defense FOR YOUR LIFE!

Jeffrey drops the microphone as he laughs. The crowd is mixed with dual reactions, disappointment and disbelief. Ravenous and Fione are more disbelief, believing that he has only a week to live.

Unsatisfaction Justin10 I don't believe it!

Unsatisfaction Garret10 Looks like he's got a week to live if he doesn't win the championship!

Unsatisfaction Justin10 I hope Ravenous is now prepare for his match because if he doesn't his match will be...

Unsatisfaction Garret10 His last!


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