Keeping the "Wolves" from the door

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Keeping the "Wolves" from the door Empty Keeping the "Wolves" from the door

Post by Katsu on Thu May 14, 2015 9:49 am

"Welcome to the Jungle" blasts out of the arena speakers as The Suicide Squad appear at the top of the ramp.  They pose and salute the crowd before a large pyro effect ripples along the back of the stage.
Takeo and Katsu have their newly won tag team championship belts around their waist.  The strut down to the ring pausing every other step to high 5 the ringside fans.

A large SUICDE...SUICIDE....SUICIDE...chant breaks out as the two men climb into the ring.  They climb opposite turnbuckles and salute the cheering fans.

Takeo grabs a mic.

Takeo: You never ceases to amaze me at the reaction we get from all of you guys....our fans.  You are why we do this and that is why we are honoured to represent you as the MWA Tag Team Champions.

A loud "TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS" chant breaks out.

Katsu:  It's true....without your support we wouldn't be half the team we are. Each and every one of you are also a tag team champion.

Takeo and Katsu point to the crowd and clap loudly.

Takeo: Now on to business, as you all know once you become a champion in any organisation a large target appears on your back. Everybody suddenly wants to take what you have worked hard for,
friends become enemies and enemies become friends.
Tonight it looks like we are being stalked by a couple of these wolves seem to think they can hunt us down and eat us up on their way to claiming these tag team titles.....

The crowd boo's loudly.

Katsu: BUT.......let us tell you why this is not going to happen.  You see they may be rabid, dangerous wolves but we........WE are Japanese DRAGONS and we eat wolves for breakfast!

A loud "JAPANESE DRAGONS" chant erupts around the arena.

Takeo: So bring your flea bitten carcasses to the ring and we will show you why we are THE MWA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS and why we are the best tag team in the world today.  Now we don't want any excuses....Win, Lose or Draw we will
bring our 'A' game and give you the fight of your lives.  Deep down you know this and that is why you know deep down that you cannot beat will go down for the 1...2..3...and you will join the list of challengers that JUST FELL SHORT!

There is no dishonour in that....take pride in the fact you tried.  As the saying's better to try and fail than to never try at all.......

Katsu: After we dispose of the wolves we will move on the next challengers and then the next....we will not stop until we have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are the best.  Now all that is left to say is.......

Katsu & Takeo:  LET'S GET SUICIDAL............

The crowd cheer as Takeo and Katsu head back up the ramp.


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Keeping the "Wolves" from the door Empty Re: Keeping the "Wolves" from the door

Post by Saberwolf on Thu May 14, 2015 7:59 pm

Nice Rp , good luck Smile

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