The Execution (Ravenous's death)

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The Execution (Ravenous's death) Empty The Execution (Ravenous's death)

Post by Guest on Sat May 16, 2015 1:46 pm

The camera pans to the arena where it is filled with men dress with black suit and on the center is a burning stake replacing the ring and preparing for the condemned to be punish. Then the camera now focus on Jeffrey standing near the burning stake where the area is surrounded by the disturbed and disagreed crowd.

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Wrestl15

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Jeffre10 Hello peasants! Here I promise you that Ravenous will be sentence to death and now here we are.

Jeffrey holds a black book as he command the black men

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Jeffre10 BRING ME THE CONDEMNED

Then Abandoned Mines by Michiru Yamane plays in the PA system as a parade of soldiers march towards the stake then Ravenous bound by iron chains and wood stock on his both hands.

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Wrestl11

He wears a black suit with black rose embroid on his pocket as he forces himself to walk along with band of marching soldier.

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Justin10 This is outrageous!

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Garret10 I know but you should keep our voices down

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Justin10 WHY?!

Jeffrey looks the commentators with suspense in his face as he immediately turns away from them

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Garret10 (whispers) That's why! I know this is too much but we have no choice! Don't you want both of us ended up burning in the stake like him?!

Justin Cole nods as he has no will to speak. As the band arrived to the post and Ravenous forced him to approach near the post, the guards bound him to the stake with iron chains making his chance to escape hopeless. Jeffrey approaches to Ravenous and gives him a huge slap as Ravenous doesn't respond as he no will to strike back.

You pathetic dog! Depressed and all, but it's time for a person like you to end your misery.

Jeffrey walks away from him and grabs a burning torch. Then he throws it to the stack of woods connecting to the huge stake where Ravenous is there bind with iron chains as it burns along with him.

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Jeffre10 Behold! Justice is served!

Jeffrey laughs as the crowd showers the arena with sheer qualms and disappointment. Few seconds later a blackout occurs in the arena as the fire extinguishes. Then a spotlight targets on a lady sitting on the red throne.

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Wrestl14

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Serena10 Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Clearly you are filled with jealously, no! It's envy towards Ravenous so you decide to kill him for a worthless glory that once belong to him.

Jeffrey clears her statement with an anger voice

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Jeffre10 LADY! HOW DARE YOU DISTURB-

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Serena10 Guess what! You failed! And I'll show you why!

A spotlight vanishes from darkness and in few seconds the lights goes on and Ravenous is now freed from the chains with a new look on his body. He has now a doll cloth part of his face and a mannequin arm on his right arm.

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Wrestl12

He is now accompanied by Fione his maid and a new ally, the lady from the spotlight. Now as a team they are preparing to face against a band of men surround them.

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Justin10 Ravenous! He transformed!

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Garret10 Yes, however this is not going to help them outnumbering a group of Jeffrey's men.

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Justin10 Oh no! This is gonna be trouble with these three.

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The Execution (Ravenous's death) Empty Re: The Execution (Ravenous's death)

Post by Guest on Tue May 19, 2015 5:14 pm

Suddenly a familiar entrance music plays on as a group of men charge into the scene which they are Alexander Ritter and Shawn M.

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Mwapic12 The Execution (Ravenous's death) Mwapic11

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Justin10 Alexander Ritter! and Shawn M!

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Garret10 Help is on the way!

They charge to a barricade of black dressed men as Jeffrey's men were prepared to strike.

Alexander Ritter prepares his arm to strike Jeffrey's Men 1
and hits the adversary with a light Punch!!
Shawn M prepares his arm to strike Jeffrey's Men 2
and hits the adversary with a light Punch!!
Group of Jeffrey's interrupt their attacks

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Justin10 Oh no! This is not enough!

In response, Ravenous and his party charge as well.

Ravenous prepares his arm to strike Jeffrey's Men 3
and hits the adversary with a light Punch!!
Ravenous The Grim Artist charges his arm
and hits Jeffrey's Men 4
's face with a light Big Punch

Ravenous The Grim Artist tightens Jeffrey's Men 5's head
and strikes him with a series of blows, performing a 
strong Head Lock & Punch

Woman retrieves a lead pipe 
and hits the Jeffrey's Men 6 on his nose executing a strong lead pipe shot

Woman retrieves a lead pipe from 
and hits Jeffrey's Men 7 on his face executing a strong lead pipe shot

Woman retrieves a lead pipe from 
and hits Jeffrey's Men 8 on his skull executing a strong 
lead pipe shot
Fione lifts the knee to hit Jeffrey's Men 9
performing a 
light Knee Smash

Fione is ready to hit Jeffrey's Men 10
with some 
light Knee Strikes

Fione throws Jeffrey's Men 11 over her head straight up
and drops him backwards on the mat with a 
Back Body Drop

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Garret10 Looks like Ravenous's team beat the odds of Jeffrey's thugs

Ravenous's party beat the group if Jeffrey's thugs down which is enough for Alexander Ritter and Shawn M to strike back

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Justin10 Now it's their turn to attack

Shawn M goes towards Jeffrey's Men 12
and hits him to his throat with a light Throat Thrust!!
Alexander Ritter turns against Jeffrey's Men 13
and hits hime with a strong Mule Kick on the groin!!
Shawn M gets ready to hit Jeffrey's Men 14
and raises his arm rapidly hitting with the forearm Jeffrey Men's jaw performing an light 
European Uppercut!!
Alexander Ritter blocks Jeffrey's Men 15, and easily lifts him up on his shoulder
and slams him on the mat, back first, perfoming a Fantastic Steenalizer!!
Shawn M garbs Jeffrey's Men 16 by the arm
to throw him down with an Fantastic Uraken!!
Alexander Ritter grasps Jeffrey's Men 17 flipping him upside down with his opponents head between 
his legs and slams him on the mat face first, accompanying him with a Fantastic 
Belly to Belly Piledriver!!

Shawn M 'Tunes up the Band' and then runs towards Jeffrey's Men 18
viciously super kicking him in the face and then falls straight into a pin executing Mortal Sweet Chin Music!!!
Alexander Ritter lifts Jeffrey's Men 19 up into a standing suplex
and slams him on the mat in a sit-out powerbomb executing ULTIMATE Half Moon Pin

Ravenous's party and the team of Shawn M and Alexander Ritter manage to outnumber the group of Jeffrey's mob. Few run away while the others lay down to recuperate Suddenly Jeffrey himself runs away but Alexander Ritter grabs him through his coat, throws him towards Fione

Fione waits Jeffrey towards her
and kicks him on his head sideways executing The Disgrace Kick
Fione lunges stunned Jeffrey towards Ravenous
Ravenous waits the stunned opponent for his finisher
grabs the arms of Jeffrey and head with his grim smile and slams it to the mat executing 

Mortal Dark Imagery 
Ravenous pulls Jeffrey still groggy, by his hair
Ravenous waits the groggy opponent
grabs the arms of Jeffrey, jumps to the turnbuckle, spins then lands with Jeffrey executing 

powerful Dysotopian Effect 
Ravenous keeps his ruthless submission hold
Jeffrey can't resist anymore and taps out!!

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Justin10 Whoa! Ravenous anger is really high once he gets his hands on Jeffrey!

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Garret10 The sleeping giant inside from Ravenous has now awaken!


Ravenous keeps his agonizing submission hold
Jeffrey can't resist anymore and taps out!!

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Garret10 Ravenous showing no mercy on Jeffrey, this is unlike him!

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Justin10 He DOES changed!

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Raveno13 DON'T EVER SHOW YOUR FACE AGAIN!

Ravenous releases his grasp

Ravenous gets up as Fione charges him with a big hug. She embraces him as she shed a tears of joy, the woman approaches two of them closer as they smile and cheer together. Next is a group of men who helped outnumber his adversary, they exchange their thanks by shaking their hands with Ravenous as the crowd cheer and celebrate with joy for Ravenous's death sentence is discontinued and his life has been spared.

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Justin10 They did it! What a celebration tonight!

The Execution (Ravenous's death) Garret10 This is will be a new start for Ravenous!

OOC: Edit/Update this for more volunteers and some other changes, this is the first draft.


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