Angels doubts

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Angels doubts

Post by Angel~! on Sat May 16, 2015 7:18 pm

The sold out Safeco Field is quake on. All the Wrestling Fan are on their feet already.

At the next moment one can hear an Entrance Theme.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ENTRANCE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

It´s the Entrance of Angel Lina.

The young blond Diva enters the Stage and the Spectators are going crazy. The Fans are cheering the Name of Angel and they raise their arms into the air.

Angel walks along the barricade to five with the Fans in the first Row. Thrilled she drifts to the Ring.

She takes a run-up and slides into it under the Ropes.

With a fast Move she is up on a Turnbuckle to have a good view over the Place.

The Fans give her Standing Ovations.

And Angel is certainly very happy and she enjoys the phantastic Atmosphere before her Match.

As the Diva with the long blond hair jumps down from the Turnbuckle, she receives a microphon from the Ring Announcer.

Angel Lina has to wait a few more moments, while she smiles and looks around with big eyes.

Finally the Spectators calm down.

Angel Lina: Wow! This must be Heaven. Thank you really much for this warm welcome here in Seattle in the Safeco Field!  

The Fans giving Applause to Angel, but the Diva continue to speak. Loud and clear you can here her voice all over the Place.

Angel Lina: No really...this is the place to be tonight. I couldn´t imagine anything better. Safeco Field in Seattle. The Home of the Seatlle Mariners. And once upon a time even the place for Showcase of the Immortals. That´s a great honour for all of us here in MWA.

Again the Fans are cheering. Angel is wearing her Ring Outfit already and even unadorned she looks amazing.

Angel: Oh yeah. And for me? It´s maybe the most important Night of my entire career. As you all know I have the great chance to compete in the Main Event tonight. I have the chance to become the first World Champion of Madness Wrestling Alliance. This is so big...

The Diva swallows and her voice breaks off.

The spectators calm down and they are waiting for Angel to continue. She smiles brave and artless.

Angel Lina: I don´t know what to say. If we look back a few weeks, I started in the Tournament as an Outsider and Underdog. And I didn´t expected all that. I mean for me it was already an honour to be a part of this great project, and even in my best dreams I couldn´t imagine that all this is possible. I was so thankful that J.J. Hunter invited me to come here to the United States, and that he give me a chance to be a part of his Federation, and then I only tried to give my best.

Some Fans start to cheer.

Fans: You deserve it! You deserve it!

Angel Lina: Then everything goes so fast during the last weeks. There were only Ticket left for the World Title Tournament, and so I had to beat Kittie at first to get it. I won that last Ticket at the Second Impact of MWA, but in the same Night I had the first Round Match versus Muscle Girl...

As Angel mention this Name a lot of People call Buh.

Angel Lina: ...and nobody gave me a chance. But I proved the Experts that they are wrong and I won my second Match in this Show too!

Fans giving Applause to Angel. The Diva seems to be energized.

Angel Lina: Oh yeah. And by now I really had a dream. The dream to become the first World Champion of MWA! So I prepared myself and I worked hard in the Gym last week. And I felt really strong, as I had to compete versus Masked Hopper at the Third Strike of MWA! And guess what? It also was my third strike! Even it was me who was the Underdog again, I fought hard and I won the Match.

The Fans in the Safeco Field seems to be very happy about that Fact and they appreciate it. Angel turns around, still excited.

Angel Lina: And now I´m here! In this very Ring, and in the Final of the MWA World Title Tournament. Only one more step, only one more Match and only one more Moment. And now...

Recently Angel's voice was getting weaker and she has to interrupt.

The Diva lowers her head and looks at the canvas.

The Spectators are confused and they are waiting impatiently.

Finally the Diva keeps her Head up again.

Angel Lina: And now I´m not sure no more. Did you hear what J.J. Hunter said last week?

The People seem to be not sure what Angel means. And the Diva talks to a Staff Worker at Ringside.

Then she Points at the TitanTron.

Angel Lina: Take a look at this please.


JJ Hunter is backstage with his sister (and minority shareholder) Charlotte Hunter.
Charlotte Hunter: Well.. the world title picture is slowly taking shape.
JJ Hunter: It IS coming into focus now.
Charlotte Hunter: There are only four left in the tournament.
JJ Hunter: Each of them have a 25% chance of becoming the first MWA World Champion. That will be in the record books forever. That can never be taken away.
Charlotte Hunter: It's going to be a huge defining moment for MWA.
JJ Hunter: I just hope it ends up being the right person.
Charlotte Hunter: I'm sure any one of them would make a wonderful champion.
JJ Hunter: I don't think so.
Charlotte Hunter: Well, Angel Lina..
JJ Hunter: She's good. She's popular. That's why I signed her. Huge international appeal. She's been all over the world, and she brings in that Japan Wrestling flavor I want in MWA. But I just don't think she's the right fit for World Champion.
Charlotte Hunter: REALLY? Because she's my number one choice.
JJ Hunter: I knew you would think that way.
Charlotte Hunter: Who do YOU think would be a better champion? Ravenous..
JJ Hunter: A sado masochist with a death wish? No, no, no. If he ends up winning, it will be a public relations nightmare.
Charlotte Hunter: Well then, you must be backing Masked Hopper..
JJ Hunter: I don't trust a man in mask. And that guy is just WEIRD. I don't think I could deal with having him do the talk shows as World Champion, who KNOWS what he would say or do..
Charlotte Hunter: Don't tell me.. Magnus?
JJ Hunter: He's the best fit!    


One can see Angel Lina in the Ring and she really seems to be dissapointed.

The spectators are very quiet now.

Angel touches her hair out of her face and her voice now no longer sounds so confident.

Angel Lina: You know....I thought a lot about J.J.´s Words. And maybe he is right. All this were a nice dream. A dream that you don´t want to end. But tonight there will be an end. And I´m not sure if I want to wake up.

The Fans in the Safeco Field can´t help the young woman in this Moment.

Angel Lina: Don´t get me wrong. I´m not afraid about my Opponent Ravenous. If I look at him, it seems that he has other things to do, and I don´t believe, that he is really focused on the Tournament or on the Title. But in the Moment as J.J. Hunter said, that I´m not the right fit for the World Title of MWA, he made sure that he don´t believe in Angels. And that he don´t believe in me.

Again Angel lowers her head.

Angel Lina: And maybe he is right. A World Champion of a Wrestling Federation has to carry the whole Federation on his shoulders. Look at me, my shoulders are not very wide.

The Diva coughs.

Angel Lina: Don´t worry. I don´t give up.

A few Fans start to cheer.

Fans: You can make it! You can make it!

Angel keeps her head up.

Angel Lina: Oh yeah. And I will not be another victim for Ravenous, he will get my best performance. But I need you to believe in me. So what do you mean?

Now the Spectators wake up.

Angel Lina: Yes? Do you believe in Angels?

All the Fans are on their feet now and they are cheering as loud as they can. Thousands of them scream Yes, and they all agree.

The blond Diva looks happy to the Stage.

Angel Lina: Ha J.J.! How can you say you don´t believe in Angels?

In the next Moment one can here again the Entrance Theme of Angel Lina, and the Spectators in the Safeco Field are already having a Party.

The camera shows the commentators of the Show soon.

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Re: Angels doubts

Post by Angel~! on Sun May 17, 2015 7:22 am

Here is the HTML Code for my Entrance. It has to be embed into the HTML field in TWG please. Smile

<object width="280" height="210"><param name="movie" value="//;version=3&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="//;version=3&amp;rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="280" height="210" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object>

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Re: Angels doubts

Post by JJ Hunter on Sun May 17, 2015 12:14 pm

Alright, I put it in and it looks like it works in the preview mode. You guys are making this really easy for me to update stuff Very Happy thanks!
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Re: Angels doubts

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