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To much insanity it seems Empty To much insanity it seems

Post by Kittie on Sun May 17, 2015 1:18 am

Sara Sanderson is backstage with Kittie and her manager.

Sara Sanderson: There is a huge tag team match lined up for this week. Everyone who is in the TV Title mix will all be in the ring at the same time.

Kittie: A title that just last week, I brought with me to the ring. But now I don’t have that title. And the person who beat me doesn’t have the title. How does that work? Does that seem fair?

Kittie’s Manager: I’ve got the legal team all over it.

Kittie: I mean, I should get a rematch against RJ Dias, but he lost the title before I could get a rematch. Now Muscle girl has the title? That’s one big challenge to beat her. But then again, I don’t think those two can work as a team.

Sara Sanderson: And how about your team? You think you will work together better than your opponents?

Kittie: Well, there is a language barrier for sure. I mean, I couldn’t even understand what he was ranting about. Cassette? Is that some kind of musical streaming servise in Mexico?

Sara Sanderson: It’s what they had before CDs.

Kittie: What’s a CD?

Sara Sanderson: It’s.. what they had before MP3s. It’s sort of like a Blu Ray, but with music on it.

Kittie: Oh. Well.. that’s weird. This whole match is weird. I’m just looking to survive long enough to make it to next week. I’m going to have one eye across the ring and one eye behind me, because you never know what El Chupacabra’s true motives may be. We’ll work together for this match, maybe I’ll sing his cassette thingys, but after that, I’m 100% focused on once again becoming the champion of television!


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