A start of a new era

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A start of a new era Empty A start of a new era

Post by Saberwolf on Tue May 12, 2015 4:53 pm

The camera is focused on a locker room door, and suddenly the lights go out all over the arena and shortly after that the sound of a door getting kicked open is heard, and two dark mysterious figures are seen walking out, the camera starts following them as they make their way to the ring and tries to zoom in on the two mysterious figures but it to dark to see, and eventually losses track of them

Cole: What is going on?

Garret: It's the guys in charge of the arena lighting not doing their jobs properly again!

Load howls are heard all over the arena, suddenly a wall of smoke starts to cover the ramp and eventually swallowing the ring as well, the crowd is confused to what is happening, the suspense is high

Suddenly Fire Head by Epic Score starts playing, and the smoke starts to subside and after a few moments we can see the two mysterious figures standing tall on the ramp, they start to walk down the ramp towards the ring, when they finally get in the ring the light go back on and the two mysterious figures are revealed, one of the two wrestlers is tall and is wearing a Silver/black trench coat on top of his singlet with his face being covered by his black shoulder length hair, the other one is wearing a pure white hoody paired with white shorts and boots and he has short black hair

Cole: Its Eclipse and Saber Wolf!

Garret: Those two guys invaded us during Third Strike, and systematically destroyed their opponents!

Cole: A dangerous duo indeed!

Saber Wolf points at the  ring announcer that is standing outside the ring with a terrified look on her face, and makes a gesture with his finger telling her to get inside the ring, she gets inside ring holding a mic and Saber Wolf starts to walk closer towards her until his right up in her face, he suddenly grabs the mic out of her hand and slowly moves up to his face

Cole:What does he want with her?

Garret: Oww calm down Cole the man needs a mic for god sake

Saber: You have nothing to fear young lady

The ring announcers goes from being terrified to being relieved

Saber: What is your name if I may know?

Saber Wolf moves the mic up to her face and she hesitantly answers

Aerith: Its Aerith Sinclair

Saber Wolf looks back at a grinning Eclipse Wolf with a smile on his face and then turns back to Aerith Sinclair

Saber: Now that is a beautiful and a mysterious name, don't you agree Eclipse?

The smile on Saber Wolfs face suddenly turns to a more sinister expression

Saber: Me and my brother here have come to Madness Wrestling Alliance with one goal!

Eclipse Wolf stands next to Saber Wolf and starts talking into the mic

Eclipse: Our goal is to shake the roster to its core by beating each and everyone on the roster and becoming the new Undisputed Tag Team Champs!

Saber: We do not know fear or failure cause simply its not an option for us, we come from long lineage of great warriors, we have been raised for the sole purpose of always being the strongest,fastest and smartest at everything we do and we gave you a taste of whats to come at Third Strike!

Eclipse: And if we do get beaten down we will always get back up twice as strong and with ten times the ferocity!

Saber: Because we are the Wolf Pack and we are here to hunt, we are here to leave our mark!

Eclipse: Permanently......

Suddenly the lights go out again and a after a brief moment they turn on again with Saber and Eclipse wolf nowhere to be seen

Cole: Well that was a unexpected freak show!

Garret: I'm starting to like these guys!

Camera fades away

I'm a bit rusty so bare with me xD

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