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Where Angels fear to tread Empty Where Angels fear to tread

Post by Magnus the younger on Thu May 21, 2015 3:21 am

the camera opens to a shot of Magnus working out in the gym
Magnus puts down the weights he has been working with and motions the camera man to follow as he walks to the sparring ring, where there are ten very large muscular men standing

Magnus:  So Angelina you managed to defeat Ravenous for the World Heavyweight Title. I must say I am disappointed, I was looking forward to a rematch with Ravenous... but it does not matter. Now you have the title and that is my focus.

Magnus climbs in the ring and motions for three of the men to enter, the trainer rings the bell. Almost faster the eye can see Magnus begins attacking the three sparring trainers within seconds all three men are laying on the mat writhing in agony. Magnus calmly walks over towards the camera man.

Magnus: You fight the good fight trying to be nice to everyone and play by the rules I have no such limitations, as I have said before I have only one objective that is to win by what ever means necessary. I have no regard for any man.. or woman that stands between me and victory. I will not show mercy or have compassion, I am a warrior born and bred to fight those things can not exist in my world.

Magnus  signals three more men armed with kendo sticks to enter and again the bell rings and Magnus begins to attack he kicks one in the knee a snap is heard the man falls to the ground screaming Magnus grabs the second with an arm bar and hyper extends his elbow until them man is also screaming but while Magnus has his hands full the third catches him with a blow from the kendo stick across the face of Magnus blood flows from a cut above the left eye of Magnus as he whirls dropping the man with broken arm and jumps with an enzugiri kick to his last attacker sending face first into the turnbuckle knocking him unconscious. Magnus calmly walks back toward the camera man he seems unconcerned about the blood flowing down his face

Magnus: Tonight we fight for the World Heavyweight Title I intend to walk out of our match with the Title what ever the cost to you or even to me. You have been warned!

Magnus moves to the center of the ring and signals the remaining four men to enter
camera fades as Magnus fights the four men and appears to be wining

camera opens to the commentator table where Garret Rodgers and Justin Cole are discussing what they have just seen

Garret Rogers: That guy is insane!

Justin Cole: He seems to be very focused on wining tonight if I were Angelina I would be worried for my health and for my title!

Garret Rogers: Forget about Angelina I am still worried for my health! Did you see what that lunatic did to me last week? And what he did to Ravenous after the match was over, and he lost I might add!

Justin Cole: Yes I did but in his defense you did provoke him and he was by his own words keeping a promise he made to Ravenous. While I don't condone such unnecessary violence we do know two things about the man, he seems to keep his word and he will go to any extreme to win.

Garret Rogers: He is a lunatic and vicious, he should be locked up not give a chance to hurt Angelina and win a title!

Justin Cole: Perhaps but the match is set for later tonight and we shall see if Angelina can retain the title or even just survive the onslaught of Magnus
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